Producer’s Bio

Samir Salem was raised in a multi-cultural family in a diverse, blue-collar neighborhood in Chicago. This upbringing allowed Samir to form a unique perspective and to identify with a broad range of people, cultures and ideologies.

Samir studied film production at the University of Miami, where his films won multiple awards at national and international festivals. Those films lead to opportunities that prompted Samir to move to Los Angeles, where he was hired to produce and direct comedic sketches and webisodes. Samir went on to produce and direct Roshambo Apocalypse. The action-comedy has screened around the world at film festivals, international distribution outlets and has aired on NBC. Samir is also involved with several documentaries that focus on social justice.

Samir founded Cinemonger, a motion picture company, which is defined by the blue-collar attitude Samir was raised with. Cinemonger’s mission is to produce inspirational, provocative and impassioned motion pictures for the global marketplace, with the intention of bringing about social change to our world through entertainment.